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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a “real” fabric store?

  • We are!  We have debated many times what the right approach is to opening our little store, and for now, have landed on this model.  We are online for the larger community of sewists throughout North America, and for those of you who live in and around Edmonton, we will have limited hours for customers to come see our fabrics in person.  Our end goal is to have a brick and mortar store with regular hours, but it might take us a little while for that to come to fruition.

Can I buy whatever quantity of fabric I want?

  • Yes!  When we decided to start this venture, one of our “hill to die on” items was that we wanted to sell fabric to our customers in increments of 0.1m.  Nothing is more frustrating than being forced to purchase more fabric than you need, and being left with unwanted scraps.
  • Please ensure that you order the amount you need for your pattern, as we cut the amount you purchase, with very little excess.  Most fabrics will shrink some when washed as well, so allow for shrinkage when you figure out your yardage.  As always, if you have any questions, please send us a note at

What’s with the name?

  • Check out our “About Us” page to learn about the name.

How does the Studio Visit work?

  • Check out our “Studio” page for more information on how Studio Visits work


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