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About us

Hello, welcome.

We are Nicole and Monique; 2 of 3 sisters who grew up sewing (the third, Danielle - hey D! is an amazing band teacher; gifting children with the joy of music). Recently, our mom (Elizabeth Wahl - hi Mom, we love you!) was sharing with us memories of her mom sewing, and it reminded us of our own. We have distinct memories of Mom’s old sewing machine; hearing the hum of it throughout the house whenever she got a spare minute to work on a project. Mom burning the midnight oil working away at sewing choir uniforms, Halloween costumes and grad dresses. Mom, with that look on her face inspecting our work, and us knowing we were going to have to go rip that seam out again...ugh. And we are grateful, learning to sew was one of the first empowering skills we acquired as little humans, and it has stuck with us all our lives. It is a part of our history; our former

We have taken a non-linear path to get here (more on that later...possible podcast, social media posts, etc). We decided less than a year ago to bring what had been a dreamy ‘someday’ of Nicole’s to fruition. We decided to open a garment focused fabric store to bring beautiful, high quality fabrics to Edmonton (and beyond). Our philosophy, in summary, is this:

  1. You need great fabric to construct great clothes
  2. Great clothes are beloved; worn again and again. What more could you hope for from your me-made creations?

As we grow, we will endeavor to provide the resources to bring your garment sewing aspirations to life. This is what we hope for our future; our latter

Nicole & Monique



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