So, 2021 is now in the rear view mirror, and so many people are reflecting on the year that was, and looking towards the year that will be.  If I’m being really honest, setting New Year’s resolutions or intentions or goals or whatever a person does at the beginning of the year has lost its lustre for me.  I keep looking at what we accomplished in 2021 (see Monique’s previous post) and I definitely celebrate the year that was, but in terms of setting up expectations for the new year, I don’t really want to.  I have a general sense of what I want to do, especially in terms of sewing goals (i.e. sew ALL the things, and buy NONE of the things), but the constant need to push ourselves to do and be more is exhausting!

Don’t get me wrong, my desire to learn and grow and build more skills and get this business really rolling is still alive and kicking, but to actually put pen to paper and make them “SMART” as all the books tell you to, elicits a general sense of nausea right now.  Maybe it’s the general state of our lives (isolating yet again, stuck in a deep freeze for weeks on end, facing other personal challenges), but I just find it too much to set lofty goals in this season.  Once the sun starts to shine again, the temperature rises, and things start to look up, I’ll revisit my desires for the year and actually write them down.  Until then, I’m going to cozy up in my new Hey June Handmade Sheridan Sweater in our super soft Tencel & Organic Cotton French Terry with a cup of coffee and Brené Brown’s new book “Atlas of the Heart” as we roll into this new year!

Sincerely, though, Happy New Year from both Monique and I - we are looking forward to getting to know you and grow this community of sewists throughout 2022!!

Monique & Nicole