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0.55m Remnant - Wool + Cotton Herringbone - Fuchsia

by Zuleeg

$18.75 Sale price

0.55m Remnant - Wool + Cotton Herringbone - Fuchsia

by Zuleeg

$18.75 Sale price
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0.55m single piece.

This fabric impressed us right away with its two-toned, double-sided herringbone pattern.  Coming from the Zuleeg mills in Germany, it is comprised of 45% cotton, 41% wool, and 14% polyamide.

Suitable for a structured dress, blazer, "flannel" shirt, pair of pants, or jacket, it is a lighter-weight wool and is quite soft due to the cotton content.  One side is a vibrant fuchsia, in contrast to the other where the charcoal grey warp is more pronounced and shows off the herringbone pattern, perfect for accent details!

Key Information

Zuleeg have been producing high-quality textiles in Germany for a century. They are part of the German Textile Alliance, established to advocate for a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable clothing supply chain. Zuleeg's production processes are developed with sustainability in mind and implement sustainable manufacturing practices including wastewater use, water recycling, emission reduction through heat recovery, and waste avoidance. Weaving, dying, equipping and inspection are all carried out within a 10-kilometer radius.

width: 150cm (59in)

weight: 280g/sqm (8.3oz/sqy)

stretch: 0%

45% Cotton + 41% Virgin Wool + 14% Polyamide

We recommend always pre-washing your fabric in the same manner as you intend to wash the finished garment.

For best garment care + longevity + sustainability we recommend: Hand wash with cold + dry flat, we do not recommend tumble dry.

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